Welcome to Above Rubies!

Hello Friend!

I am glad you are here! Be rest assured that the writings are going to bless you. The confidence I have is this: the words are inspired by the Holy Spirit and written with a mixture of love and passion just for you.

Here is a fact: You are here because God wants you to believe and live like the woman that you were made to be: A worthy Woman whose worth is far above rubies. (Proverbs 31:10)

You, Me, and Above Rubies

Here is a truth I want you to hold on to: Your worth is far beyond rubies. God wants you to know that and He expects you to live your life based on that knowledge.

I believe I am a woman of worth and I rely on the Holy Spirit to teach me how to maximize my worth for God’s glory. My writings are based on the lessons I am learning of the ways to maximize as women for the glory of God.

Above Rubies is the space where I share inspired writings with women [and the men who love them ;)] because we all need to believe that our worth is far above rubies. I am delighted and thankful that I can share and connect with you on Above Rubies!

Your feedback (I love feedbacks, giggles) is more than welcome! I’ll tell you why: Beyond the truth that I hope and pray that my writings inspire you the way God expects them to, I also want to connect with you so that we can cheer and encourage each other on this journey; your feedback will make that possible!

From me to you:

Enjoy every moment you spend visiting and reading my inspired writings on Above Rubies!



WomanofWorth (WOW) FB Group

Interested in belonging to a community that aims to provide a safe haven for you along with other women who love God and earnestly desire to continuously grow into the fullness of all that we are…

Click to join WOW!

I invite you to join a loving community of women who appreciate, cultivate, and reflect long-lasting beauty in every area and season of our lives.

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