Welcome to Above Rubies!

Hello Friend!

I am glad you are here! Thank you for stopping by. It means a lot! Really!

Why are you here? I bet that it is either of the following reasons:

  1. You love to read, like me 😇
  2. You need words to inspire you
  3. You accidentally found yourself here and hope it’s worth your time

Feel free to let me know if I guessed right? LOL!

Regardless of what your reason is [even if it isn’t mentioned in the reasons I gave], I truly hope that every moment you spend on AboveRubies would be worth the time. YES! That’s a reason why the blog exists BUT there’s more!

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Above Rubies, You & I

Here is a truth to hold on to Your worth is far above rubies. Just the other day, I pondered on that truth myself and became ever so sure that the major purpose of AboveRubies is helping us see ourselves in the same light as God sees us.

Before God’s sight, WE ARE OF GREAT WORTH, and beyond knowing and seeing ourselves in the light of this truth, God expects us to live our life based on the knowledge of that truth.

Our Truth

WE ARE PEOPLE OF GREAT WORTH! Our worth is far above rubies!
As we journey together on AboveRubies, let’s hold on to our truth.

Our Pattern

AboveRubies is our space; God gives the inspiration and I do my best to write what I’m inspired to write beautifully so that it blesses US and reinforces God’s truths in our hearts thus empowering us to live our lives based on our foundational truth that our worth is above rubies; a truth everyone deserves to know. So, when you read any post that blesses you feel free to drop a comment and/or share with someone else such that the chain of blessing continues in and beyond our space.

From me to you:

Cheers to happy, enjoyable, and worthwhile times on AboveRubies!



WomanofWorth (WOW) FB Group

Interested in belonging to a community that aims to provide a safe haven for you along with other women who love God and earnestly desire to continuously grow into the fullness of all that we are.?

I invite you to join a loving community of women who appreciate, cultivate, and reflect long-lasting beauty in every area and season of our lives.

Click to join WOW!

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