Welcome to Above Rubies!

Hello Friend!

I am glad you are here! Be rest assured that the writings are going to bless you. The confidence I have is this: the words are inspired by the Holy Spirit and written with a mixture of love and passion just for you.

Here is a fact: You are here because God wants you to believe and live like the woman that you were made to be: A worthy Woman whose worth is far above rubies. (Proverbs 31:10)

You, Me, and Above Rubies

Here is a truth I want you to hold on to: Your worth is far beyond rubies. God wants you to know that and He expects you to live your life based on that knowledge.

I believe I am a woman of worth and I rely on the Holy Spirit to teach me how to maximize my worth for God’s glory. My writings are based on the lessons I am learning of the ways to maximize as women for the glory of God.

Beyond Rubies is a platform to share inspired writings with women who like me believe that their worth is far above rubies. I am happy to share and look forward to reading your feedback! Here is why: It’s important for me to know that the writings inspire you to live like the woman that you are and more so because your feedback makes it possible for us to connect!

From me to you: enjoy your time reading the inspired writings on my blog written just for you!

Join the ongoing challenge…

God invites you to take up the challenge to know your worth. Let the Holy Spirit teach you the truths of your worth before God.

Click the Image for more details.

Come to see yourself exactly the way God sees you. Come to love and value your life the way God loves and values you.

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